Diets That Work Fast For Women: Less Calories, Less Weight

One of the more effective diets that work fast for women is a drastic reduction in the number of calories being consumed. I tried this diet, but as much as I proved it to be effective, I certainly wouldn’t want to recommend it for women on a continuous basis. I tried a diet containing only 1,000 and after one week, I stopped. I went back on eating a balanced diet, thus maintaining my weight loss and only coming back to that diet in emergency purposes. You certainly should not follow this diet regularly. In the first place, I felt my moods swing radically, so it was not a good thing at work and with my family. Moreover, muscular women who follow this diet tend to lose muscle mass fast, so it is also not recommended for those who want to have a rather muscular stature.

Diets That Work Fast For Women: If You Insist
The trick to following a 1,000 calorie diet without losing your mind is to make sure you ‘trick’ your mind into thinking that it is well-fed. Thus, you should evenly distribute the calories among breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner. I couldn’t imagine myself getting all my calories in just one meal and starving myself the entire day, because as it was, with so little food, I already found myself crabby. The key for the one week I followed a 1,000 calorie diet is to make my body get used to a routine of eating at particular times, so that it won’t pine for food at unusual hours.

A 1,000 Calorie Meal Plan
For breakfast, I had an omelet with only egg whites, tomatoes, and half an ounce of low-fat cheese. I complemented it with a whole wheat English muffin and downed it with a glass of skim milk. For lunch, I had two ounces of grilled chicken (white meat), a bowl of lettuce and cucumbers drizzled with a teaspoon of olive oil, two rye crackers, six ounces of yoghurt without flavoring and non-fat, and a glass of lemon juice. For dinner, I had three ounces of salmon, a cup of steamed greens and brown rice.

Creativity Is Key
Of course, throughout the week, I needed to be creative in my choices of vegetables and fruits. The key to the seven-day 1,000 calorie diet is to put a lot of variety in a meal menu so that you won’t fell like you are depriving yourself. Of course, vitamin and mineral supplements are also important when following this diet. The reduced calories of your meals may deprive you of the important nutrients your body needs, so supplementing is important.

Diets That Work Fast For Women: A Final Word Of Caution On The 1,000 Calorie Diet
Yes, it’s no diet that this diet certainly helped me lose unwanted pounds. But as I said earlier, this should not be followed regularly. You should allot long intervals between time periods of following it. Subsisting on 1,000 calories daily is risky to your health. As much as it is one of those diets that work fast for women, do it only once a month, at most.